UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 01

Must read for Uchi Musume


So I saw it. And then I translated it. Then my internet was being a slow little bitch. So this, which I finished like 2 hours ago is only coming up now. Spent like 7 hours on this :c Appreciate!

Download here hopefully the link works

First time typesetting for manga~ fun~ :3

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For my daughter, I might even be able to defeat the demon king うちの娘の為ならば、俺はもしかしたら魔王も倒せるかもしれない 。 Synopsis: He met a girl. A young girl branded with the mark of a criminal. That was the beginning of …

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I’m not dead

I just don’t really post much like other people. Generally only made a wordpress to give thanks to the many who translate for us and chat with them. On another note,  Death March this is a great novel that I’ve been reading since last year or so. Still missing loliQ, pretty sure she’d love this. Yea, usually not wanting to post links since it’s not an official thing and don’t want to draw attention, but it’s pretty good enough to make me want to post.